Chips on a Stick at Hot Dog Cold Beer in Budapest

I had discovered “Hot Dog Cold Beer” before my short trip to Budapest in autumn 2015. That small fast food restaurant serves first and foremost – as its name kind of gives away – hot dogs and beer, of course. But they do also offer some other creative fancy snacks like chips on a stick for example. Actually I am not that much into chips but I found that thing special enough to give it a try…

Chips on a stick at "Hot Dog Cold Beer" in Budapest.

Chips on a stick at “Hot Dog Cold Beer” in Budapest.

I like the look of “Hot Dog Cold Beer” near the basilica very much. The menu looks good too and besides several hot dog variations they also serve corn dogs. In once tried fried chocolate bars myself (here you get Snickers, Mars or Bounty) after a BBQ in Texas and you would find such titbits on the menu here, too. But that’s all not what I am looking for – I am desperate to test the chips on the stick!

Quick and cheap: that’s how I received my very first tornado chips and I have to say, they look really cool! Cool and unfortunately extremely fatty. And so they sadly don’t pass the taste test. At the verge they’re pretty cross, in the middle a bit soft, well spiced but even after the first half I feel like I’ve just drunk a whole bottle of oil. The thing with chearing them off works pretty well so I only lose about 10% of my chips to the Budapestian streets.

"Hot Dog Cold Beer" design in Budapest near the basilica.

“Hot Dog Cold Beer” design in Budapest near the basilica.

Conclusion: As long as fatty chips don’t fear you off and you have always wished to try out chips on a stick – then you really should visit “Hot Dog Cold Beer” when you’re in Budapest. The hot dogs are supposed to taste really good – but I am not what you call a hot dog fan. The German Dog for example is served with sauerkraut and also apart from that the range looked pretty good. You’ll get more information about the address and opening times on the official Facebook page.

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