Short Trip to Florida

In March I spontaneously went to Florida to warm myself up in 86°F after that Northern coldness of 30°F. I started early in the morning and arrived in Orlando at noon. Let me repeat this: I love Orlando! And the area around! It’s all so green, there’re so many lakes, all so wide open. Fantastic! But this time – after having wished to do so for so long I finally watched the Cirque de Soleil Show “La Nouba” in downtown Disney. It’s certainly not comparable to the great Las Vegas productions like Ká or O, but altogether pretty nice. The second day I spent at the beach and this beach had a cool surprise for me – more details about that later.

The beach in New Smyrna Beach.

The beach in New Smyrna Beach.

A rental car (midsize) for two days, including any car insurances cost me about $ 91, booked via, a German rental car website. The resort Hotel incl. breakfast, Wi-Fi and the parking cost me about $ 68 via Expedia – that’s expensive but the trip as during the Spring Break… Well, and that was it about the fixed costs. I chose a Chevrolet Malibu because I had always made the best experiences with it. But this Chevy here had an extraordinary high mileage, and this way I made it to a total of $ 80 fuel for 1,000 miles – well I have to admit I stopped at the most expensive gas-stations. However the two days cost me about $ 2I3 in total and if you went on such a trip with some friends you could share the costs with them… This is not including the spending on the spot, but after all you’ll have to eat anywhere you go and for the sunshine at the least such a trip is totally worth the money even if you’re not planning any special events.

Best wishes,