Girl’s Stuff: How to Delay Your Menstruation for Your Vacation

Booked one dream-holiday but forgot to have a look at your calendar? Are these monthly achings up to ruin your romantic holidays or relaxing at the beach? Even your honeymoon? Don’t worry: There are some tricks to delay that time of the month or force it to happen earlier. If you take the Pill you can simply go on with it and have one menstruation dropped off. A talk to your gynecologist might be helpful here. If you don’t take the Pill but want to influence your menstruation time anyway because of a vacation for example – then check out the following homespun remedies…

Tricks to delay your period in order to have an undisturbed vacation: sun, vitamin C and celery.

Tricks to delay your period in order to have an undisturbed vacation: sun, vitamin C and celery.

Of course there is no guarantee that it really works every time, but I’ve heard it before a lot that it is worth the try. And as you got nothing to lose there is no reason for not giving it a try. Important are: heat vitamin C and celery. If you’re trying to trigger your menstruation earlier you should make sure to ingest as much vitamin C as possible. That works well with oranges, kiwi, mango, pineapples or papaya. For the heat keep your body hot as often as possible. Take hot baths and use hot-water bags placing them on your belly. Sun can help, too, of course! A lot of hot drinks (maybe with an extra portion of vitamin C) and several footbaths during the day (as hot as you can bear) come in handy, too. Also celery takes an effect on your uterus and helps to force your menstruation. That also goes with parsley, ginger and fennel.

If you combine all of those tricks your chances are good to have your special time of the month close to that experiment and NOT during your dream holiday or backpacking through some foreign kind of wilderness out there. Nonetheless delaying your menstruation is an intervention on your body and its routine. Therefore you should not overdo it with such tricks, travel less or let yourself feel unwell from time to time. Ask your gynecologist when you’re in doubt about anything. Well then … vacation may come and with a hopefully lighter luggage for all the girls that refuse using menstrual cups …