Insider Tips – Do They Even Exist?

I’ve been thinking about insider tips these days. What is it that makes an insider out of an average tip? Often they occur by the mistake of somebody else. An example would be an unguarded hole in the fence of a fun fair. Whoever knows about that tip will ask himself what consequences the spreading of that tip would have. Let’s say that person would use the hole himself to get free access to the fun fair, then why would he share this valuable information, and especially not with the public. Why not? Easy: Because if he did, then chances are the manager of the park will hear that over too and of course will get the broken fence fixed in no time. So this person would lose his or her free access to the park for ever. As long as we’re supposing people always like to increase their advantage, it’s pretty much clear that spreading insider information makes no sense at all. So how can you possibly receive true insiders?

A wildlife crossing sign: places with a guarantee for meeting real wild animals would be a true insider tip.

A wildlife crossing sign: places with a guarantee for meeting real wild animals would be a true insider tip.

I chose the fence-example because I really did receive such a great tip some years ago. It was about an expensive water park. I got that tip from someone who lived close to the park for about one year and really exclusively visited the park by using that hole. I received that information, which I never tested or used because that person knew he would not visit that city ever again and take advantage of his insider information. But what if he actually had plans to come back and repeat the trick? Me, I know several insider tips on my own by now and of course I publish some of them here. However I do know some tips where I keep on asking myself: “Do you really want the world to know about that?” When I recommend dream beaches in Florida, that are totally empty and paradise like, I sometimes think afflicted that that might change one day if I don’t stop telling the world how beautiful those places are. I’m scared one day these places turn into a pace as terrible as South Beach – and it would be my fault, at least in parts.

So I go on asking myself if there are any insider tips around on the internet at all – at least for those, which you really wish to know. Tips that wouldn’t just give away a place from where you can also see some well known attractions, but such worthful tips which can really maximize your personal benefit. As for my own experience I only got the latter from people whom I know in person. That means foreigners, whom I get in touch with during my travels, so called “friends-to-go”. However, I’m going to try sharing as many insider tips as possible with you so you can have unforgettable holidays. Not all of them at the same time some maybe only between the lines, but in the end we’ll have a perfect overall picture, I hope.